May 8, 2015

my new little brother

well the cat is out of the bag by now. i am having another little brother - and i can't wait! i thought i wanted a little sister, but i can't remember why! brothers can wrestle, love swords & guns, will roll in the dirt and eat bugs with me. how awesome is that? we found out easter weekend with grandma shell & all my aunts/cousins in town. and it must be said, i saw my new neice and it just reconfirmed that i'm happy i'm having a brother.

i insisted that my mom make me surprise cupcakes to tell me. how delicious huh?

grandma shell & shannon were also equally excited! boys are the best!

April 29, 2015

michael, tiger, & me

i have been a busy guy coming up with a whole bunch of silly antics. one day i came up with a brilliant idea that i should get in the box and play peek-a-boo. awesome right? well then i had to up the anty and tape it. because i have some strong muscles, nothing can hold me down. until it did.
thanks mom, you're supposed to stop me from doing things like this.

porter has been helping me keep busy and happy. he just looks at me like stars shoot out of my ears - because they do obviously. i am the bees knees. he just laughs and follows me everywhere. he's my best friend... when i have no other options.
i've also been busy doing some constructive things. like learning how to golf like a bro. tiger woods? whose he. people will be saying my name in 15 years. i love my new putter and love puttering with daddy. i think i'm ready for a whole set of clubs but daddy says not quite yet.
and most importantly, i have been learning how to swim! i go to swim lessons 2x a week and again, i hate to brag but i am rocking that until canada day. tanner my best friend comes with me but he's not quite as fish-like like i am.  just wait, i'm going to be the next michael phelps too! there's nothing landon can't do.

April 16, 2015

as madonna says, holiday

we've been having a great past month. how wonderful was it having st. patricks day and easter so close? all those treats- just a mere weeks apart. mom helped me construct this cool trap to catch our leprechaun but he was too sneaky for us i guess. he even got away with my gold chocolate. but not before he peed in my toilet [and didn't even flush his green peepee away] and died my milk green. sneaky guy.

then it was easter! all my cool cousins came into town and we had a blast! getting slurpees, going to mcdonalds, swimming at my aunt loris, playing with legos, going to the park/splash pad, hunting for easter eggs, and celebrating grandma shells birthday with a princess party and a fun round of 'don't eat pete'. on sunday morning the easter bunny came to my house! his eggs were invisible until daddy got up and then they magically appeared! i loved hopping around collecting my basketball eggs [go rebels!] and i even liked helping porter with his baseball eggs. and the best yet - i got five whole dollars! that helped me finally save up enough for my police costume. how awesome sauce is that? be jelly.

April 10, 2015

landon vs porter

my little brother is quite hilarious but also terrible at the same time. he makes me laugh then he steals my toys. he chases me but then bites my arm [yes, you read that right. he BIT me. and i hid in the bathroom and cried]. he is great but not as great as me, so don't forget that. in another attempt to steal my spotlight, he has started to talk. and baby sign. but i'll show him - i can talk more and better. and more often. here he is saying uh-oh. and then quacking- like a duck. an inferior duck.

i don't see why it's so endearing that he can flip through a book. really, anyone can flip. 
not everyone can read... that's right. i am reading. i am a genius. beat that brother!

March 19, 2015

happy birthday to me & grandpa!

i just love birthday parties! the cake, the decorations, the presents- it's all just fantastic! every time we're invited to one, i always ask if we can go buy some more balloon & streamers [just in case the hosts are laying down on the job]. back in february, we celebrated my grandpa dave's birthday.

my mom always tells me whose birthday we're going to be celebrating next [because like i said, i LOVE birthdays and look forward to them!]. when she told me grandpa dave was having a birthday, i just knew the perfect theme for him - 
a rescue bot birthday party!
in case you don't know, these are younger/tamer transformers found on netflix. grandpa being grandpa and kristi being kristi, they ran with the idea! [next year i'm thinking of telling him he wants to go to disneyland for his birthday. think that will work?] there were banners, balloons, streamers, the works! kristi made a delicious ice cream cake and grandpa brought some yummy bbq. and we even had my best friend taylor come! it was fantastic. porter even got to try ice cream for the first time and let me tell you, he was a fan.
to top off the night, i even got a butt load of presents! rescue bot figures and dvds! man grandpa, you're the man. i can't wait for your birthday next year.

March 14, 2015

life as a big brother

so porter's days of being the shiny new thing are numbered. i mean, he's cute and cuddly- that's pretty cool and all, but he's no big brother. at least not yet. it's cute, him learning how to be a person and all, but it's not like he's the first person ever to read a book.
or to say, uh oh. i talk all day long and my mom gets sick of me. but porter, he can babble and babble- and he gets praise. what the biz?
and WHY does he get suckers? i'm only allowed suckers after the doctors office. and those are sugar free.
i love porter, but come on, he's not the first little boy on the block, ya know?

February 14, 2015

oh baby baby! oh baby baby!

guys i just can't handle the pressure anymore, it's just eating me up inside.
i'm going to be a big brother! granted, i already am a big brother, but to a sister! well, i hope it's a little sister. ya! my mom kept it from me for a while, which made me quick bugged but i get it. i am no secret keeper. grandma shell was even more excited then me. i don't know why, she's the one whose going to have to help wipe more butts. seems like a lose-lose to me.
there you go world- breaking news. from me first. you're welcome!