March 14, 2015

life as a big brother

so porter's days of being the shiny new thing are numbered. i mean, he's cute and cuddly- that's pretty cool and all, but he's no big brother. at least not yet. it's cute, him learning how to be a person and all, but it's not like he's the first person ever to read a book.
or to say, uh oh. i talk all day long and my mom gets sick of me. but porter, he can babble and babble- and he gets praise. what the biz?
and WHY does he get suckers? i'm only allowed suckers after the doctors office. and those are sugar free.
i love porter, but come on, he's not the first little boy on the block, ya know?

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KinderTeach said...

Enjoy just one sibling L. When there is two, it gets even worse. I'm coming to see you soon and me and you will get to go on a big boy date. No Mom, no Porterhouse allowed. We can go wherever you want. One of the perks of being an older sibling. You get to do everything first.