April 16, 2015

as madonna says, holiday

we've been having a great past month. how wonderful was it having st. patricks day and easter so close? all those treats- just a mere weeks apart. mom helped me construct this cool trap to catch our leprechaun but he was too sneaky for us i guess. he even got away with my gold chocolate. but not before he peed in my toilet [and didn't even flush his green peepee away] and died my milk green. sneaky guy.

then it was easter! all my cool cousins came into town and we had a blast! getting slurpees, going to mcdonalds, swimming at my aunt loris, playing with legos, going to the park/splash pad, hunting for easter eggs, and celebrating grandma shells birthday with a princess party and a fun round of 'don't eat pete'. on sunday morning the easter bunny came to my house! his eggs were invisible until daddy got up and then they magically appeared! i loved hopping around collecting my basketball eggs [go rebels!] and i even liked helping porter with his baseball eggs. and the best yet - i got five whole dollars! that helped me finally save up enough for my police costume. how awesome sauce is that? be jelly.

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KinderTeach said...

We had so much fun that weekend. I loved that you got to play don't eat Pete, and pin the eyebrow on Grandma Shell. Plus we got to go out and eat so many times with your fun cousins. I'm sad we didn't get a special date just me and you but maybe this summer. Charley says hi and that he misses you lots. He hopes you come visit him soon and so do I.