March 19, 2015

happy birthday to me & grandpa!

i just love birthday parties! the cake, the decorations, the presents- it's all just fantastic! every time we're invited to one, i always ask if we can go buy some more balloon & streamers [just in case the hosts are laying down on the job]. back in february, we celebrated my grandpa dave's birthday.

my mom always tells me whose birthday we're going to be celebrating next [because like i said, i LOVE birthdays and look forward to them!]. when she told me grandpa dave was having a birthday, i just knew the perfect theme for him - 
a rescue bot birthday party!
in case you don't know, these are younger/tamer transformers found on netflix. grandpa being grandpa and kristi being kristi, they ran with the idea! [next year i'm thinking of telling him he wants to go to disneyland for his birthday. think that will work?] there were banners, balloons, streamers, the works! kristi made a delicious ice cream cake and grandpa brought some yummy bbq. and we even had my best friend taylor come! it was fantastic. porter even got to try ice cream for the first time and let me tell you, he was a fan.
to top off the night, i even got a butt load of presents! rescue bot figures and dvds! man grandpa, you're the man. i can't wait for your birthday next year.

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KinderTeach said...

Did Mommy tell you that we are having a surprise birthday party for Grandma She'll in a few weeks. You will have to start stocking up on balloons and streamers. You can be our party decorator. Love you kiddo