May 8, 2015

my new little brother

well the cat is out of the bag by now. i am having another little brother - and i can't wait! i thought i wanted a little sister, but i can't remember why! brothers can wrestle, love swords & guns, will roll in the dirt and eat bugs with me. how awesome is that? we found out easter weekend with grandma shell & all my aunts/cousins in town. and it must be said, i saw my new neice and it just reconfirmed that i'm happy i'm having a brother.

i insisted that my mom make me surprise cupcakes to tell me. how delicious huh?

grandma shell & shannon were also equally excited! boys are the best!


KinderTeach said...

I told your mom she was having another son MONTHS ago and she didn't believe me. Plus tell your mom she doesn't know how to spell niece. Love you, your brothers and your crazy mother

Devin said...

she'd be your cousin, not niece anyway :P