February 14, 2015

oh baby baby! oh baby baby!

guys i just can't handle the pressure anymore, it's just eating me up inside.
i'm going to be a big brother! granted, i already am a big brother, but to a sister! well, i hope it's a little sister. ya! my mom kept it from me for a while, which made me quick bugged but i get it. i am no secret keeper. grandma shell was even more excited then me. i don't know why, she's the one whose going to have to help wipe more butts. seems like a lose-lose to me.
there you go world- breaking news. from me first. you're welcome!


KinderTeach said...

Let me tell you what happens when you pray for baby sister kid, you end up getting 3 of them. They steal all your thunder, you have to help wipe 3 bums instead of 1 and they never leave you alone!!
You'll make an awesome big brother to a sister but if this one turns into a boy. Just roll with it. More people to wrestle with, tie up, and blame things on

KinderTeach said...

So, I'm watching the video of your Mom telling my Mom that you are going to have a new baby. Did you notice that Grandma Shell doesn't believe your mom? That's because your mom would always lie to us about her being preggers. When she told us she was preggers with you, we didn't believe her until we saw proof!