April 29, 2015

michael, tiger, & me

i have been a busy guy coming up with a whole bunch of silly antics. one day i came up with a brilliant idea that i should get in the box and play peek-a-boo. awesome right? well then i had to up the anty and tape it. because i have some strong muscles, nothing can hold me down. until it did.
thanks mom, you're supposed to stop me from doing things like this.

porter has been helping me keep busy and happy. he just looks at me like stars shoot out of my ears - because they do obviously. i am the bees knees. he just laughs and follows me everywhere. he's my best friend... when i have no other options.
i've also been busy doing some constructive things. like learning how to golf like a bro. tiger woods? whose he. people will be saying my name in 15 years. i love my new putter and love puttering with daddy. i think i'm ready for a whole set of clubs but daddy says not quite yet.
and most importantly, i have been learning how to swim! i go to swim lessons 2x a week and again, i hate to brag but i am rocking that until canada day. tanner my best friend comes with me but he's not quite as fish-like like i am.  just wait, i'm going to be the next michael phelps too! there's nothing landon can't do.

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KinderTeach said...

You are pretty awesome L. You are correct, there is nothing you can't do. Hopefully Mom will bring you up to see me soon so we can try out your swimming skills in my pool. Love you kiddo