April 10, 2015

landon vs porter

my little brother is quite hilarious but also terrible at the same time. he makes me laugh then he steals my toys. he chases me but then bites my arm [yes, you read that right. he BIT me. and i hid in the bathroom and cried]. he is great but not as great as me, so don't forget that. in another attempt to steal my spotlight, he has started to talk. and baby sign. but i'll show him - i can talk more and better. and more often. here he is saying uh-oh. and then quacking- like a duck. an inferior duck.

i don't see why it's so endearing that he can flip through a book. really, anyone can flip. 
not everyone can read... that's right. i am reading. i am a genius. beat that brother!

1 comment:

KinderTeach said...

L you are such a good reader. Porterhouse is cute and don't get jealous because you're going to have another cutie to compete with. Just remember you're the boss and they are the sauce.